Monday, June 08, 2009

Zuma Dogg's take on the Delgadillo situation is on target.

Just checking Zuma Dogg's "L.A. Daily Blog" and there's quite a bit, maybe more than the average L.A. resident would know about. I see that his assessment of the conditions being left by outgoing City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo as mentioned in my earlier post and L.A. Times story reference is a no-holds-barred summary that should enlighten you on the workings fo real life political manueverings that hurt the service to the public.
"Shame on Loser Like Nick-Velasquez and Ben-Austin Who Want a Free Ride on Your L.A. City Taxpayer Dollars (during this economic hardship) "

There is a lot of abuse of power that goes on behind the scenes and you can get peek by reading some of the posts on this L.A. Daily Blog,
There's an assortment of posts that are pretty informative and what printed there is often ahead of the pack in breaking stories and filling in details. It's also presented in ZD's own style that puts off people, but it's the message not the messenger that you should keep in mind. I like Zuma Dogg's postings and I think most of the time that he's got some news to bring out. Some people simply despise him for what he reveals and you can figure out who those people may be.

Rocky Delgadillo did no favors with what he leaves L.A. city government. You should remember that the next time you ever see his name on any ballot and return the favor by voting against him- and keeping him out of office would be doing him a favor when you really consider the whole situation. The L.A. Daily Blog's post tells you who some of Rocky's friends are, too.