Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lakers Parade and Rally- Private money coming forth- Mayor booed.

The Lakers parade was accomplished and there's private sector money coming to reimburse the City- and you know those contributions are not all about pride but with some "forget-me-not" expectations for later. Developers and billionaires.

But Ron Kaye's blog has another good posting today, "Let's Celebrate Champions -- Not Bums Who Fail Us," June 17, 2009, this morning, and updated with the YouTube clip from the rally that brought out the "boos' when they mentioned the Mayor and the Council members were there to say something. And they cancelled today's scheduled Council meeting just for this, too.

Later, Mayor Villaraigosa got up to the mike and was booed. This was as he tried out his DJ imitation and asked the crowd if they were ready to "pah-ty"- but maybe he got booed for asking if they wanted to "potty" which was exactly what it sounded like. But Tony never lets bad reactions like that ever stop him from trying.

What really is the complaint with these things more than the lousy choices most of them are, is that the politicians are even there AT ALL. Nobody wants to hear from them, no one pays atttention to what they are saying. Ther's not one thing, not one word, spoken that is any different from what anybody else there is saying. They just want to "belong" and be seen with the Lakers, and appear to be important. Besides posting those signs like "No Alcohol," they need a really to put up a big one that says "No Politicians."