Friday, June 12, 2009

Tonight- Dance with the Stars at PCC for $5

All the Stars you could hope for tonight. Pasadena City College still has arts and music programs and that produces their Swing Band, directed by Dennis Kay.

The Music Department will be hosting a dance tonight, Friday, and you will truly be able to dance with the stars since it's being held on the rooftop of Parking Structrue #4 at Del Mar and Hill Ave. and you will have stars galore all above you.

The Admissioin is $5.00, sales at the door only, beginning an hour before the dance, which begins at 7 p.m.

Place: Parking Structure #4 is on Del Mar, just east of Hill, right next to the Football Field on the south side of the campus.

Parking is $2 at any student lot. The closest parking is IN Parking Structure #4 (except for the roof top level), which really couldn't be any closer to an event site in this day and age. Park in Structure #4 and you are there. The parking permits are sold in the vending machines.

Support their Music Department and have a good time provided by some enthusiastic band performers. I haven't heard the bands this year at PCC, but a friend is a recent addition to the PCC Jazz Band as the guitar player, and many students are in more than one band. From my personal experience years back at GCC, the Jazz Band WAS the Swing Band since that music part of the assorted music styles played by that kind of group. At PCC, they had several bands, in contrast to GCC's single, but always excellent band when Ray Burkhart was directing it.

Whatever the composition of the band, live music is better than recorded music, under almost all circumstances. The difference is the sheer energy level provided by the people in a live performance. The price is cheap for a chance to support the program for a few hours and when you get tired, your car wil be right there.