Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Has City Council forgotten that the "Infrastructure" is ALREADY stressed?

The Water Conservation ordinance is now in operation. In that language, the ban on watering between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. is pretty clear, with few a very narrow exceptions for some specified businesses. The "Tuesday and Thursday Only" restriction on watering days is definitely for sprinkler systems, but you won't have to let everything in your yard die for lack of water.

Phase II has language that gives a break for most of us:

"3. These provisions do not apply to hand-held hose watering of vegetation, if
the hose is equipped with a self-closing water shut-off or device, which is
allowed every day during Phase II except between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00
p.m." If somebody has a different interpretation, let me know but check the ordniance (amended) at DWP's website.

There's a clip from the meeting of City Council- the link from Zuma Dogg's website- where he speaks on an agenda item that is one example of the City Council's continuing mission to densify the city's population pattern. I have mentioned the same ideas, but not in the very clear and loud way Zuma Dogg does, and still, Zuma's message is simple and is ignored- that's how we got into the mess and getting deeper into it every day with City Council's assistance.

See the 2-minutes of ZD's "Comment" this part of Tuesday's meeting- Zuma Dogg is speaking from the Van Nuys City Hall remote location:

(Zuma Dogg's website L.A. DAILY BLOG with his own view on things, as unpleasant as it seems, a lot of this is already seen to be true, and the rest of his "inside information" may be on to something, as he's been right very often in the past)

The city is sinking under the overload of a burden on everything it has, BUT it slows development down NOT ONE BIT. Are we racing to the edge of a cliff and expect not to fall off? One clear example is the obvious need for more police officers on the street- we are understaffed here. But why do the Council and Mayor keep pushing the goal line further and further away by EXPANDING THE NEED for police by putting in developments for packing in more people?

Actions like this are either insane or politically motivated. In this city, it's some of both. I would like to see somebody on City Council own up to this contradiction. There is money being made on the actions going on and not all of it is obvious. City Council: Instead of trying to shoot the messenger, pay attention to the message. That is the biggest failing of the City Council.