Friday, June 12, 2009

"Coast to Coast AM with George Noory"- a free "Streamlink" weekend trial now.

If you have heard "Coast to Coast AM" with Georger Noory on KFI-640 AM radio, they you're up late, or up very early, depending on which end of the broadcasts you catch. Better than staying up for those shows, you can catch up on a number of the unusual or intriguing subjects by using the FREE WEEKEND TRIAL of "Streamlink" underway from now until Sunday, June 14th. This will let you get podcasts downloads of current shows, either by mp3 or by using i-Tunes to download shows for later listening.

There are some older shows for downloading and an archive that can be heard in streaming audio. During this trial period, you really have access to quite a bit of programming for free, and you don't have to stay up at night to hear it. The commercial breaks are deleted to make an hour's show much shorter.

I do suggest trying the "Streamlink" subscriber service for the free trial available at this link: just for the wide range and novelty of topics and this is one talk show that is minus any yelling, rants
and put-downs.

There is a daily emailed newsletter, "The Coast Zone," that can received for free. It's very good to provide daily recaps of the last show and there are several features including the topics and guests information for the upcoming shows. That trial signup page has that as a checkbox to add it, and signup is also accessible on the home page.

There is a lot to doubt in the shows but most of them are entertaining and informative, with the degree depending on your own subjective judgment. There's plenty of for conspiracy theorists, paranormal fans, occult observers and the UFO/government operations entusiasts. The bumper music is a very good selection of assorted oldies played out much longer than on most shows.