Friday, May 22, 2009

Some pictures of protest and question of priorities

The protest photos in the L.A. Times today show some pictures of frustration and anger over layoffs. "Students walk out to protest budget cuts",0,6857643.photogallery?1

The other thing they show is that there is a desperate need of some proofreading or more student time spent studying in English class. And if a teacher wrote out the language, we are really in trouble.

If "repression" is meant, that correct print expression is being repressed. And "againts"? Come on, somebody either wasn't paying attention to their printing or they need to get back in class.

"Lincoln High School students march toward LAUSD headquarters Friday morning to protest possible cuts." L.A. Times, 5-22-09

"ReSend the Vote" - Send it where? "Rescinding" a layoff vote might be what they were looking for. (and this one view had to be from Lincoln High, of course.)

All this shows that either they were late for the bus (but then, it was a march), or some basic skills were already on summer vacation ahead of the students. Then again, I am just really fussy over spelling, correct spelling, and about language usage- as long as it's not mine, that is. Students, If you are going to get out in the street, at least don't carry a sign that makes it look like you shouldn't have left the classroom. Here, maybe they need to get back to school as fast as they can and do some diligent make-up study.