Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dodgers' Bobby Castillo at ESPN Zone this afternoon for autographs

Lincoln High alum, Bobby Castillo, former Dodger relief pitcher and member of the 1981 World Series team, will be at the ESPN Zone at 5 p.m. today signing autographs. He will be accompanied by a few other groups for the promotion, and there's the all-you-can-eat buffet for $10. This is all reported from the "McIntyre in the Morning" show this morning on the Dodgers' flagship station, KABC-AM 790. Among those accompanying Bobby Castillo was one group that had "hotties" in the name, apparently females, but I make no representations on that (I never heard of this name before- Laker Girls? Yes, but not this group), if this is what will make the difference for you deciding to go or not to go.

If you want to see Bobby for an autograph, he's often at community events and at a few of the local parades such as the Highland Park Christmas Parade and Northeast L.A. Veteran's Day Parade. He might be much more accessible if you are at the end or start. (Another bit of info to help decide is the Yelp review page for the ESPN Zone with some recent comments:

[HERE'S A LINK that was emailed later to me by the KABC radio Insider with more details: ]