Monday, May 18, 2009

City Elections Tuesday- CM for cd-5 and City Attorney

For City election items:

CD-5 ELECTION - Vahedi.

If you live in CD-5, Jack Weiss is leaving so Vahedi and Koretz are the runoff candidates- Vote Vahedi, more in tune with the neighborhood level of political actions than Paul Koretz, career politician. Either would be a big improvement over current office holder CM Jack Weiss.

CITY ATTORNEY - By far, VOTE for Carmen Trutanich, best candidate.

Trutanich's opponent is Jack Weiss, virtually a stooge for the Mayor and big developers. He's known for rudeness and incidents of ignoring, i.e., "blowing off", consitituents from his CD and for those coming to his Public Safety Committee that he chairs. (If you noticed, most of his "High Visibility" actions in Public Safety began to show up just as the election time got close, to try to erase his real record of uselessness- a big phony and looks to Mayor Tony to do what the Mayor needs to be done. Weiss is NOT good as a CM and a DISASTER if City Attorney.