Friday, February 19, 2010

LHS Alumni Association meeting Saturday

The Lincoln High School Alumni Association ("LHSAA") February general meeting is tomorrow, Saturday, February 20, at 9:30 a.m. in the Student Cafeteria on the LHS campus. The meeting is open to the public and alumni are encouraged to attend and to join the activities and plan events. Another Saturday Professional Development day for teachers is calendared and may mean a room change, but that should be quickly sorted out Saturday.

The LHSAA does not arrange reunions, or even knows about reunions unless someone provides it with the information. There have been many inquiries about upcoming reunions but each class reunion is done independently, usually by a group of interested alumni.

Class Reunion information will be posted on this blog, as well, when it is available. But guess what? I rarely am the first to find out any of this information because no one sends any notice to me directly, and I know even less about how most of them turn out. For that reason you should look at the LHSAA pages on the LINCOLN HIGH OFFICIAL website. I usually find lots of barebones information on the school side of things with a lot of cryptic calendar entries that link to another entry of the same cryptic message. So for utility purposes, you will find the calendared dates but the events often remain clear only to the insiders.

Again, the meeting is tomorrow and there's still the Valentine's Dance coming up a week later on Saturday, February 27th. Tickets are $40 each wtih a buffet style dinner included. See sidebar for links to the flyer and payment arrangements. I have suggested that some electronic method of payment (i.e., PayPal) for the dance tickets and other payments be made available. Since you don't see that happening, you know the outcome of that suggestion. I think there's a difference between tradition and simple resistance to change but it's not my affair to affect. The word was that it would not be anything that would be used enough to make it worth the effort. Well, we shall never know.

There's still a dependence there on snail mail (the kind with a postage stamp) for this sort of thing and I expect no changes to expedite transaction speed at any time soon. Keep those postage stamps handy. And those rates will rise from the nearly half-dollar level each year around March for a few more years, as I remember reading from a news story last year. Nostalgia item: When we were the LHS contingent at Occidental College for the "Upward Bound" program in the summer of 1966, a year after the Watts Riots, stamps were just 5 cents each. Cigarettes were about 25 cents a pack- and how did I know that? (In college in San Diego my then-roommate was a military dependent and the PX at the Navy base was about ten minutes away. They had cigarettes for $2.00 a carton and that was regular run at the time. Today they say "Smoking will cause cancer" and I don't remember if there was health warning printed back then.. The warning used to say "may cause cancer." Why anyone smokes now with all that health risk and cost is defies logic. I notice that a lot of Asians and Latinos are the most ones in the young smokers category and who knows why that happens?

I checked on the internet to be sure of that postage amount and found a chart that shows more about the postage prices and what they were worth in today's dollar value. There's the CPI ("Consumer Price Index") shown on a chart and it's way too much information for most people. I did gather from checking that, however, that the 60's was a time when the stamps stayed priced pretty low and the inflation condition was dipping to it's lowest level on the graph. But with today's email availability making communication almost instant, the price for using the mail is really looking even more expensive. With all the choices for communicating these days, some just prefer mail and remain traditionalists.