Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The LAUSD chooses operators for low performing schools; Lincoln to see changes in operations.

LAUSD's Board members have decided on their selections for the lowest performing schools and some new schools. Lincoln High is one of them, and it's not on the new school category to clue you in. Read the reports that are just a little diferent from each other. Some see this as a monumental change from what has been going on in LAUSD and others see that not much change is shown since the takeover operators are still teacher-based, union influenced or otherwise of a lot of what was formerly in operation instead of a charter operator.

The proposals of three charters considered the top of the heap were rejected by the Board. Some of the choices made from the elections held at the school sites a few weeks ago and evaluated by Superintendent Cortines were not followed by the Board. A lot of charter school applicant were dissatisfied with the results and did not feel they were fairly considered.

"LA school board snubs charter school operators." By CHRISTINA HOAG Associated Press Writer, Posted: 02/23/2010 10:50:52 AM PST, Updated: 02/23/2010 09:30:43 PM PST

EDUCATION- FEBRUARY 24, 2010. "Novel School Plan Upheld -Los Angeles' Board of Education voted Tuesday to hand over some of its public schools to charter school operators and teachers groups, part of an unusual experiment."

As far as Lincoln's voting went, there was a proposal from a teacher-led group and from a prinicipal-led group. Some schools had many more to choose from, and just the two proposals at Lincoln left many voters still unclear as how the changes were different between the proposals. As to which of the two plans prevailed, I did not see in the reports but I believe that the Superintendent's recommendation to the Board was favoring the principal-led operation. So we will see just how the operations change and what we see in the way of improvements in performance of the students, the ultimate purpose of the changes.