Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LAUSD is on the Spring Break (aka Easter Vacation)

With all the things going on in the City Council affairs, or maybe I should say "city business and budget concerns," lest that be taken literally, I didn't notice that the LAUSD schools up and went on their "Spring Break" this week. I prefer the original term, "Easter Vacation" that was used for years before since it wasn't meant as any sort of expression of a degradation of anything. And no matter what anyone calls it, you wind up with some vacation time all the same. We use too many code names and political correctness euphemisms that really make communications less clear these days.
So if you wonder why traffic conditions may have changed or why there's so many young people out during the day with or without their parents or guardians as their ages may dictate, this is it. Catholic schools will take their vacation after Easter Sunday coming up. Other districs like Alhambra still are in session and will be out next week.

This condition changes again on Monday so enjoy the relief in traffic conditions, or keep cool with any added work if you have the younger students home this week.