Thursday, March 25, 2010

Got to check a lot of City Hall drama; And the KCET vid link

Here is something, with a few edits, that I included in an email I sent out today to my closest friends - well, some might be. I just want to share the word in connection with the Glassell Park meeting on Saturday and even if you don't go, this could "inform, enlighten and entertain," all in all not a bad goal.

A must for finding out news and views on the city side of politics is the RON KAYE L.A. blog - for a source this week to show some lively happenings at the city council meeting Tuesday and Wednesday, with a slew of postings this week, all of which are very enlightening in the interactions of the Council and the DWP . There is just too much happening that's reported (with opinion, of course) to just focus on some. You really need to check through this according to your own interest and curiosity as to the working of City Hall politics.

The Comments to the blog's postings give some additional reactions and views.

There are some video clip excerpts from meetings this week to give you a sample of the conflicting messages being presented by all the players. This collection would be something of pure entertainment value but for the overall dire outlook it represents for the city.

That burden is expected to be borne very heavily by the residents and businesses that still remain in the city limits. More money to be extracted for less and poorer services is the bottom line. Among all this chaos, you will not find any sort "mea culpa" statements of contriteness directed to the constituents coming from this arena. On the contrary, "finger-pointing" is becoming the preferred method of explanation and disentanglement.


Here's a direct link below to the KCET program mentioned before that pulls the wraps off of Brian D'Arcy, IBEW local President running the DWP- actually he's just running the union over there.... on second thought .... well, maybe you could just check the segment below.

"DWP, High-Speed Rail, Marcos Villatoro"
first aired: 3-17-10 with Val Zavala

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