Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Northeast and Eastside Neighborhood Councils elections on Thursday

The 10 Neighborhood Councils in Region G will have elections to fill positions for the next two-year terms on Thursday, April 29, 2010.

The process is a pretty simple concept. But that might show a weak spot in the area of documentation needed to show at voting time to establish eligibility. Some items of documentation may not be handy or not even exist to satisfy some categories of voters. Residents and property and business owners should not have trouble on this, but if you have lesser connections that are established by being on a membership list, having a membership document or appear on a letterhead might not be that easy.

Provisional votes will come to the rescue with supporting docs needed to be submitted within the next 3 days to have your vote count. Last election time there was an LA. Times story by a reporter or columnist travelling to various NCs to vote under the assorted categories and it was not a very strong showing of integrity of the system. That may be why the City Clerk's office was given the job this time around, but funding dried up to do it with outreach.

There are voter eligibilities for as young as 16 per bylaws of each NC. And that was a big criticism in the Lincoln Heights NC's last election where many students voted at the Lincoln High Auditorium (now "Andrus Theatre") voting place.

Some changes for the future will probably be called for. So you add this to the funding cuts proposed for more problem to affect the NC system.