Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Combat in Iraq" subject on Coast-to-Coast AM tonight

Along the topical lines of the Iraq war, the scene of the shooting in the YouTube video on Thursday on this blog, an Iraq war veteran will discuss the fighting in Falluja in 2004 on the radio tonight. The show is a radio program, "Coast-to-Coast AM" on KFI-AM 640 (10 p.m. to 2 a.m; repeats at 2 am). It's weekend host Ian Punnett will be on tonight for this segment in the second hour (11 pm).

The particular guest, former Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia, has written on the video and is not apologetic in any way. You can see his comments at the link below. The subject of the helicopter attack on the newsmen was one item likely to be discussed, but with liver radio, you can't be certain. It's something different. The views of the Sergeant seem wholly supportive of the actions and the context of the video is what some say leaves out some earlier activity that supported the decision to "engage."

WikiLeaks Follow Up: A Guy From the Unit Reports, April 8, 2010, By David Bellavia.

My stated views still are the same, and it's the effect of the way people think that is the damaging part of the war for those otherwise surviving it.

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