Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lincoln High hosts OPEN HOUSE tonight-10-6-09

It's that time again at Lincoln High, "Open House." At this time in the school year it's usually termed a "Back to School" or other such named event, but the very direct and inviting label, "Open House," is the choice. It's this evening, THURSDAY, 10-8-00, from 5 pm to 7 pm. The LHS web site states it clearly,

"Be sure to come out for Lincoln's Open House. See great displays of
student work, including exhibits, demonstrations, student performances, and

Parents should have received the information on this already, but sometimes students don't pass along the news to their families. So, if you have a child there at Lincoln, visit and see what things are happening, and find out what you might to help your student be more successful in high school.

Communty members should also take the opportunity to visit and see what's there for your neighborhood young people's education each day. You probably will see people you know anyway. Check the exhibits and size up things for yourself. Community interest for better workings with our schools would be helped by small steps taken like a visit here - and YOU can see how far Lincoln High has come in making improvement in the "people friendly" experience department- one of the weak areas of most presentations over the years.

There are a lot of reasons to show up for these things. Too often there are parents who miss out on opportunities, for one reason or another, from learning more to help with the school experience for their children. It's a very important time in their lives. Consider that it's only a few hours and making the effort shows your children that you do care what is going on in their lives, something that not everyone manages to show, but it's an important thing to all.