Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dance Contracts for High School students

There's a story in the news this week about the use of "contracts" for high school students. This contract happens to be directed to dancing. Aside from the dress codes that never seem to be handled well in LAUSD, as far as I have seen, there is the dress and behavior at school dances.

The L.A. Times story on the topic carries the headline, "Schools putting the moves on hold," By Carla Rivera, October 26, 2009 .,0,1724549.story

Downey and Aliso Niguel High are using "dance contracts" to address the problem of explicit teen dancing. The story covers a lot of the experiences in student behavior and this is an attempt to address the matters. Read this for some enlightenment on current student culture if you haven't seen what's happening yourself.

I think it's about time for this to happen. LAUSD should take notice.