Thursday, October 01, 2009

11th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival- Saturday 4pm to Midnight

This Saturday is the day for the annual event in Eagle Rock where Colorado Blvd. is shut down for the evening and turned into a sea of musical acts and other attractions. There will be over 40 bands and some say the count is up to 60.

The parking is bad if you want to park close, but Eagle Rock Plaza at Colorado Blvd. and the 2 (Glendale) Fwy. will have their parking lot available for parking and a free shuttle will deliver people to the site about a half mile down Colorado Blvd. You can park elsewhere but you may have several blocks to walk.

It's all free to the public and there are a many places on the web to see the program listings.

I like Kotolan at the Rantz Auto site, with latin jazz later in the evening- their singer is from Japan but knows Spanish fluently as well as singing very well- See You Tube for samples.

The Eagle Rock Latin Jazz Band will be there somewhere and after the ones playing at Columbo's inside and out, I really find it's just another generational gap that's not that easy to bridge.

It should be well attended and the weather looks good. poster.

introducing singer and group- with a song of mixed origin