Monday, January 09, 2012

A Return to Classes in LAUSD today.

The holiday break that we used to call "Christmas Vacation" is over now.  Lincoln students started the school year earlier than the rest of the District in August for the second year as a pilot program.  The rest of the district was to follow that change last August but there was so much commotion stirred up that that the change was postponed for another year to August 2012.

So be on the lookout for students on foot and more on bikes, as well as the increased traffic to deliver and pick up students by schools.    Does anyone remember way back when we used to walk to and from school from Jr. High and on?    Getting a ride to school was more like a treat but now it's more like the routine.  

It's a different time now but the mayor again is saying that crime is down and L.A. is as safe as it's been since the 1950's.  I disagree with that conclusion.  I think it's a less safer than the 50's but that's for a different discussion.

That's just one bit of exercise that has been cut back a lot.   I don' t know if there was any obesity trend like there is now, but when you have the technology advances, there's a lot more sitting around time happening than we had. 

We had it a little more different than now.   And that's all without having to add in hardships like walking in the snow to get to school- it would have been a real story if that happened even once for us in L.A.

But even with all that we didn't have then, I seem to recall that more came out of school with some better education than we see today.  I remember that we had drop outs but even then there was not what we see now.   And you have to think about all this happening in the pre-Walkout days.  This was what I saw generally, working with an "inferior" education still gave us a lot for our time in school.  But that's just my interpretation and the people with the statistics may be able to produce a different scenario.

Oh, and "Happy New Year" to all.