Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mayor Villaraigosa Speaks at Oxy on the way to Copenhagen Conference

The Mayor is here and then gone and then here again. There's a pretty strong pattern for his travels, and by one measure, it has him gone from the city one day in six. I think that there's a lot here in town for him to stick around and give more serious attention them, such as the budget deficit, what direction that his appointees have allowed the DWP to take that, contrary to the interests of the ratepayer customers. Just learning more about the pensions and the other expenses would keep him from having to admit to people that he doesn't know about "X subject" or "Y issue" as he is questioned by members of the public during the course of his first term of ofice.

Mayor Villaraigosa just got back from the Guadalajara Book Fair, spent some time on the job swearing in the new LAPD Chief, Charlie Beck, and then he's off to a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark on global warming.

Getting an opportunity to get some photographs always rates high with the Mayor's itinerary. The mayor visited Occidental College on Friday and spoke about the greening of Los Angeles as he was about to depart for a Conference in Copenhagen. The story on the Oxy web site is found at

It's always interesting to give some closer examination of just what the Mayor's comments are at different venues. The speeches that are prepared for him are better than when he goes off script and inserts his off-the-cuff remarks. Those writers must feel a bit of frustration on the occassion where there are deliveries that are not done well or plainly fumbled.

There is a web item from THE INDEPENDENT in the U.K., "The Greenest Show on Earth." It goes into the function of the Copenhagen conference, some pros and cons and other assorted facets of this event considered, including the mention of the contribution to the world's CO2 by this conference.

Speaking of pros, there is mentioned a special added feature at the Copenhagen trip by several sources, including the NY Daily News; Prostitution is legal in Copenhagen (although brothels are not), and some freebies will be available to Conference delegates "Prostitutes offer free sex to global-warming delegates in Copenhagen," by Kevin Flynn, Daily News Staff Writer.

MSNBC reports another view of this offer, "'Gropenagen': Free sex coupons available at Climate Summit," By Cindy Perman, writer.

The mayor of the Copenhagen was reported by some sources to have mailed some postcards to warn visitors not to patronize the prostitutes. The prostitutes have responded to the actions by announcing that anyone bringing one of these postcards would get free sex. So we can wonder if anyone's collecting postcards from those intending to heed the message. The particular group of travellers is a high risk group, as politicians are not generally regarded as following the straight and narrow very reliably. There's plenty of new revelations about that in the news to support the view that politicians and morality are not words very readily used together.

Meanwhile, the City Council will still be in session with more opportunities to create commotion for the residents.