Saturday, December 19, 2009

DWP works for YOU? More reasons for Santa to skip that stop.

Christmas is a week away and the City Council is on their "holiday" or "seasonal" or whatever break they accept as the politically correct term to use in place of a "Christmas" break. Regardless, they are off and no bad decisions can be made until next year.

Meanwhile, the DWP is ending the year with the H. David Nahai "consultant" contract coming to an end. You remember that Nahai, the chief of the DWP, appointed by Mayor Tony and approved by the City Council, resigned from his $325,000.00-plus per year job. "Outgoing DWP chief Nahai would keep full salary as consultant under proposal." by David Zahniser, October 5, 2009, 2:28 pm.

The DWP employees have raises for 5 years- approved by the council by some sort of rationale that is a math that defies my limited comprehension of the explanation of HOW a raise, and NOT a one-time raise, will be cheaper for the city than NO RAISE. My own view remains that City Council, is hopelessly intertwined with special interests, including the IBEW union here, and could not make a needed deal to save its life. And we are talking about saving the life of the city. They need to be replaced but money to keep them or their clone replacements is readily provided by the special interests.

The story at the DWP stage is here: DWP approves 5-year contract with employee union by David Zahniser and Phil Willon at City Hall,
December 1, 2009 3:42 pm

The city approval was soon after at a city council meeting. If you are an employee of the DWP, you have to breathe easy compared to lots of other workers in the City who face layoffs and already seeing furloughs. It's the management that's the problem, at thi s point, S. David Freeman is the chief, taking the job after H. David Nahai resigned (and maybe Antonio likes appointing people with a name starting with an initial, or maybe just coincidental).

See for what I think is the best coverage of what DWP does. From yesterday on his blog, Ron Kaye L.A., "Your DWP: Hollow Promises, Cheap Talk, Insider Deals, Mismanagement, Secrecy, Illegalities, Lost Credibility, Waste...FAILURE!" By Ron Kaye on December 18, 2009 6:09 AM


I will end there and you can go into more on that blog for other dealings that will never be revealed by our elected politicians and so-called "leaders" of the city. There's lots more to see happening about DWP, but, like they say, "too little time," so a lot I want to present has to be left to other sources for views and coverage, so I will try to include at least those references instead of skipping over topic altogether as has been done to this time. And truly, with all the gifts city council and the DWP management manages to get for themselves, usually with a cost to the rate-payers (city dwellers), they already have a better deal that whatever Santa could bring.