Friday, June 24, 2011

The Mayor visits Lincoln Heights with Martin Sheen at Downey's Pool(s_

In another tour of photo ops today, mayor Vlllaraigosa has Lincoln Heights on the list, as reported by The City Maven in her Morning Coffee items:

"1:30 p.m. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa attend the kick off of Kaiser Permanente’s “Operation Splash” at Downey Recreation Center."

I don't know what this details of this are about, but then I don't think the mayor has much more information either, as long as there are cameras there to present himself.  He's a busy guy today with 3 other events to attend before this one.  Well, I suppose this is a lot more fun than dealing with the city's financial woes and seeing what the real job of mayor is about.

The Downey's pool was re-done a while back and I will still miss that No-diving shallow pool of a place where most of the neighborhood young people, at some time or another, went into the water during off-hours as the trains rumbled by on a regular basis, and back when there were just hoboes and not homeless living under bridges by the tracks. 

That was a long time ago when the city seemed to run well without all the daily scandals we are reading about these days. The mayor's had his share of those stories in the news, but he's termed out and auditioning for another job to occupy his time until July 2013 end of term.    I don't think he will be around much in the city with the new position of his, as if running the city was not a handful already.  If you haven't heard, keep reading.

Earlier this month, Mayor Villaraigosa spent the weekend on the East Coast to attend the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Baltimore, Maryland where he was selected as president.  Well, I suppose the real condition of the city here is not known to the ones who chose him, or maybe that is irrelevant.  A real case of moving on in the wake of disasters.  A role model for all who otherwise would have figured there's not any hope for them- just trying to see the silver lining here.