Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mayor's Anti-Gang Official in Fight with Cops, Arrested

Yes, as the L.A. Weekly story put it, Blanca Martinez-Navarro went gangsta on the cops at the Conga Room downtown. It all seems very bizarre and does nothing to promote any credibility for that program when you can chalk this up another case of employee bad conduct here.

The story about tells it all:
City News- "Blanca Martinez-Navarro, Gang Reduction Staffer For Mayor Villaragosa, Arrested At Conga Room For Allegedly Attacking LAPD Cop," By Dennis Romero, Mon., Jan. 24 2011 @ 7:00AM

Another interesting part of this is the comments added to the story. While I can't go for the "spic" reference, there's something to the idea of reverting to apply some parts of early life experience, if she did actually come from an environment of gang activity. Worse, it may be a current method of dispute resolution that slipped out in a moment of stress.

Either way, it's completely unacceptable but Mayor Villaraigosa has 2 very obvious choices to make: Upon verification of the facts (if the reports are correct) he will discharge her for her bad conduct and that will be that, which I would choose.

The other choice is to keep her, provide some counseling and blame her stressful life issues, with a need to protect her husband from the perceived harm from the police. Of course the husband and the wife were in or approaching a "domestic violence" condition but these things turnaround on responding cops all the time. Her perception of the situation that she might think supports defending her husband appears to be affected by a large quantity of alcoholic beverages. My opinion as created by reports but it's hard to spin this in a good way.

Antonio would try to keep her employed to downplay the embarrassment it's brought to the unit and to the mayor for choosing such persons.

Agan, to mention the comments, some are too supportive of so many things "wrong with this picture." Read them and compare. He's just too forgiving and I do not see why. I wonder what WOULD have to happen to make him change his view. I think she like many needs to actually claim RESPONSIBILITY for her own conduct. That's a big part of what's missing in the lives of so many people these days.