Monday, January 11, 2010

Break ends, LHS students return to classes for 2010

The LHS students return to class today after a 3-week break.

There will be a lot of challenges for the administration this year, as well as for the students. Look for the changes to be ongoing that will address the problems of the school's PI (performance improvement) status for 5 consecutive years. 3 consecutive years can create the opportunity for the State to take over a school, but the money issues connected to budget woes of the State probably keep that action on the back burner.

A change to future charter school operations may be a more probable outcome if improvements don't materialize. The State law changes to allow parents to move their children to better performing schools may help on an individual level but it's not the solution for most students.

Some changes to help the conditions would be adoption of school uniforms or serious dress code that is enforced, and some changes to establish a uniform policy that would control usage of cell phones and other electronic devices during the school day to reduce the level of classroom distractions.

There are a number of changes that can happen that will work to improving the performance of the students here and at other LAUSD schools. Until that happens, you will just have a lot of cases of spinning your wheels rather than any forward movement.

We will see what 2010 will bring.