Monday, November 02, 2009

Tony Cardenas thinks the City needs to make "lactation rooms" in City buildings/Offices.

Here's something that caught my attention in the news on the radio this afternoon. Tony Cardenas in a sound bite says, that when he speaks with women, and I don't know if this is an ice breaker at a party or something that's part of official communication: "every time I bring up the idea of a lactation room they think it's a great idea."

This just seems so much a low priority thing that affects such a small part of the population that it doesn't support taking attention from other things that are looming for the Council as city business with an urgency.

This was also mentioned in Mayor Sam's blog in the Comments posted that I did not notice Friday:

By Anonymous:

More pages from the "nanny" state . . . (although what this has to do with
either "information technology" or "government affairs" is tough to figure. . .

Information Technology and Government Affairs Committee Tuesday,
November 3, 2009, Room 1010, City Hall - 2:00 pm

Councilmember Tony Cardenas, Chair
Councilmember Jan Perry

Motion (Cardenas – Perry) relative to the
feasibility of creating lactation rooms for mothers with newborns in City
facilities with 250 or more occupants, and related actions. (Arts, Parks, Health
and Aging Committee approved motion on October 13, 2009)
October 30, 2009
11:23 AM

The 2pm meeting's Agenda is here:

Of course it's useful to lactating women but in terms of absolute numbers, how many women are in that condition AND are city employees AND can't manage otherwise without the City creating physical space for this purpose?
Tony Cardenas says that maybe they can get Gerber or some other baby product manufacturer to pay for the cost. Oh, really? We have a poor economy and companies have been cutting back all around for nearly a year, and "donations" from corporate sponsors have been dwindling for standard charities and public service organizations. There is very little to motivate a busines, especially without a trade-off in return, to pay for such a thing .

I would guess it's either city-paid or it doesn't happen and if it's city-paid, it should come with a chunk of salary from the Council members that approve it.