Thursday, September 24, 2009

An LHS Alum in San Diego handling some dumb crooks

Did you hear the story about the couple that appeared on the Dr. Phil television show and bragged about shoplifting toys and other merchandise and selling the loot on E-Bay? "Grand jury indicts couple who bragged about shoplifting," story by Tony Perry, L.A. Times, September 20, 2009.,0,2554762.story

Well, going on the show was probably the first bad move, but making what amounts to a confession on national television was the biggie. See Dr. Phil's website featuring all the story, "Shoplifting Confessions,"

Now the couple were later identified and charged with a crime in the District Court in San Diego.
"Not guilty plea from couple who admitted to shoplifting on 'Dr. Phil' "-
Posted: Sep 14, 2009 7:18 AM PDT

The man behind the bench who heard this part of the case is Hon. Ruben Brooks, Magistrate in the Southern District Court in San Diego, one of the Lincoln alumni from Summer 1967- actually, he was the Student Body President if my memory serves me correctly. 42 years away from the Lincoln High days, and possibly the only thing that might shock him now would be the paint job that Lincoln has been saddled with for about 7 or so years and is still there. (That's color choice is one of the first comments made to me whenever I mention being from Lincoln).

But Mr. Brooks has been in San Diego for many years now and what we all remember from back in our time at Lincoln High School are entirely different from what's happening now with LAUSD. Nice to see some familiar names in the news- and on the right side of the bench, too.