Friday, July 10, 2009

A KMET Friday arrives.

Some good news for a Friday. "KMET"- The old fm radio favorite of many that left the air when Smooth Jazz "94.7 The Wave" took over in 1987 is back for a day on 100.3 "The Sound." Here's some of that news as reported by Don Barrett's L.A.,

"KMET Sounds Off. Legendary KMET returns to Los Angeles’ airwaves for one day today. The original djs, the jingles, the rock stars, and – of course – the groupies [now in their 40s] all will be there, on a day that host station 100.3 The Sound (KSWD) is calling, “Finally a KMET Friday"

‘Finally a KMET Friday’ will begin on 100.3 The Sound much like their weekday routine began for more than a decade, with top-rated morning DJ Jeff Gonzer and newsman Ace Young reuniting on the radio at 7 a.m. Joining them as the day unfolds will be djs Paraquat Kelley, Jack Snyder, David Perry, Rick Scarry, LA’s first female program director, Sam Bellamy, and sales manager Bob Griffith. The day will conclude with legendary KMET oddball Dr. Demento presenting his greatest hits at 7 p.m.